Sunday, April 13, 2008

working parts

tried out the vacuum today, seems to work. will have a more definitive answer tomorrow when i 'bag' the gantry.
otherwise on track to be done for thursday night hopefully for a sail on friday!
rigged up my flap adjustment systems, the rudder system is a bit questionable. not sure if i have gone forwards or backwards with that one. (the extra bits on the rudder are the remains of my old system; im not prepared to write that one off just yet.
The centreboard control mechanism needs a taller mounting block to attach the cable to the cockpit floor, and i think ill bodgey something up there cos i already have the gear to stick a rod through the boat bladerider style. just not the time. there is more friction than id like in that system but at least not too much slack.
Overall im pretty happy with the new main foil, which is now completely done sans ball joint. The top skin hinge is neat, and flexes really well, and the gap closes up completely when the flap is at full deflection. I have an issue with some .5mm lips on the top surface around the hinge, due to my not laying the kevlar up in the mould, but tacking it in later. not top priority though. if it survives one regatta i might think about fixing those.
pretty hectic day tomorrow of uni and gantry, with a few vacuum bits still to get. we'll see if i cant stuff up my schedule.


Hepialidae said...

wow - that idea seems familiar somehow :P

can't wait to see how it goes at qld states mate, best of luck for it.


nick flutter said...

thanks mate. was that you did on your foil? I probably tried to talk you out of it at the time. It looks a bit odd, with some quirks. keep you posted.