Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It had a baby and then the baby had a baby.

What i am of course referring to is what is by now one of my favourite things to do; pulling a mould of something out of the oven and then pulling some nice looking carbon bit out of the mould. and intending to wait until it is cool to open the mould but not having the patience and getting burnt. and in this case dropping half the mould on my toe.

cool. so randemnity aside, i have, for the most part, a foil. the flap works after a bit of cracking of stray bog, and the recess i made in the mould (at the T joint for the flap) came out perfectly.
The oven sat on 75-80 degrees for 24 hours, last time it was summer and it all got a bit hotter, more like a solid 80-85. and the resin loves that, so consequently i haven't got the tesnile strength in the resin quite as good. and it has a different, dull pitch when you knock it. but its still ok. that coupled with the better lay-up and a couple of other dirty tricks i have up my sleeve (rubs hands together) should hopefully make this one not break.
so also the top hinge worked well. The kevlar is 2 layers of 75g, one at 45 degrees, so its pretty much exactly as flexible/stiff as it needs to be. as you can see the gap closes up pretty much prefectly when its fully deflected, which will be fine, as id say it will create turbulant bubble at the kink and be pretty efficient. with the flap up at high speed the separation point on the bottom surface is well forward of the gap, so no real drag there either I imagine. Thats my (probably ill informed) justification anyway. wait and see.

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