Sunday, April 14, 2013


This morning, we woke up to an unusual sight in Brisbane - sunshine! Saturday's torrential rain had subsided and Nick, Mark and I decided this was our chance to get on the water. For me, it was the first outing in the new boat. A quiet day - 5 knots from the east and flat, perfect conditions for loading the boat up a bit and testing the systems. There are still a few things to finish - the tramps are missing their bottom skins and need some minor tweaking, there is no non-skid, no gearing adjustment and the finish on the foils needs a bit of work. All non-critical things though, and the boat sailed well. No breakages, no glaring errors or omissions at this early stage. Great to be back on the water!


Edit: It appears I've skipped out a couple of steps in the build blog! there's a bit of non-chronological shit going on. il get back onto it soon.