Sunday, April 13, 2008

a sigh of relief for the foils are done...

pretty much anyway.
a few cuts here and a few holes there, a bit of sanding.

the rudder is strengthened almost to the centreboard spec, it will hopefully be strong enough. (in its defence it is 2/3 the area... your honour.) i made it shorter beneath the boat so its foil travels 60mm above the line of the centreboard foil, and out of its downwash. there will be a reduction of the torque on the gantry from steering and foiling high, and also it will help the foil ventilate in a crash and thus not snap. we hope. and since there is not so much rudder in the water when foiling high, it will reduce my tendency to jam the tiller towards me to bear off before crashing, as that little bad habbit was breaking things... well reduce it by making it pretty much ineffective. hopefully my new reduced friction centreboard flap will help in that respect too.

Now for the gantry. The QLD moth states and my deadline are fast approaching (we're inside a week) The gantry should take 3 or 4 days to put together so i may even be able to rig the boat before the regatta. ha! as if. I bought a vacuum pump off ebay today for $160 bucks, which i think was an ok buy, and its in brisbane too so ill pick it up tomorrow, get some tacky tape on monday and be sucking on monday night. in the mean time i need a jig to get the angles of the tubes right and get them glued/carboned together.

other than that i need to fix the hole in the boat (i bought a clear bulkhead cap for it, stuck it on, but it was a tight fit so when i tested it after the sikaflex had dried, i realised it was squashed and the cap wouldnt screw in.) (try again timmy. Timmah!) I need to get my welding bloke to weld my little stainless gudgeon for the gantry lower attachment, i need to get a batten for my sail, and i need to make those fiddly little ball joints that attach the rods to the flaps.

and that is all.

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