Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My $150 ebay vacuum pump came through with the goods!
im bagging everything form now on! something to bag, ill bag it. fibreglass, oranges... small animals... lock up your pets!
yeh anyway so i had a couple of small issues getting it to work, seeing as it was my first go, and the job was quite complex. i think that box was the most complex thing i've ever laid up; it had lots of different ingredients and was awkward to get your hand into. My main problem with the vacuum was in the spikiness of the mould. You wouldn’t think so hey. The spikes, nails, bits of glue/bog etc made a couple of little holes in the bag, and i tried patching them up with tackytape. Didn’t work, so i got a whole new bag (garden strength garbage bag) and put the whole mould and bag in that. Taped it up. sweet.
Carboned up the other bit of the gantry, the two tubes. Also stuck some little globs of glue in the exact right places on the control rods in the foils to serve as the balls in my flap ball joints. Got the stainless T piece welded also, thanks to Rod at Astro Metal for being a good bloke.
8 things to go on the list.

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