Thursday, April 17, 2008

Done and dusted

Dusted figuratively not literally. The dust will blow off on the highway tomorrow.
Missing one tripple block on the cunningham, ill have to get that on the way. The forecast is for breeze, 20-30kts, i am dobtful whether the boat will last the weekend and more doubtful about the sail. (now largely just gaffa tape) However i haven't fixed the low-rider rudder so foiling it is, and theres no backing out. The boat is literally rough aroud the edges, and obviously underprepared, but pending the success of the ball joints on the flaps (curing now) i'd say all the systems are go. [im liking this motif of using cliches in their original context] The adjustable gantry looks pretty good, though i realised why everyone else's have only one lower strut and not two; there needs to be some flex in the joint between the strut and the bottom gudgeon to facilitate easy adjustment. anyway its fine for now, hopefully i've got the angles right and i wont need to adjust it. The cams seem to work in the sail, ill wait and see on that one as well. i have a spare just in case.

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