Wednesday, February 3, 2010


having actually bought some web space the other day, i can now host big files! here are a few rhino files that i've promised in the past:

ill get back to you on the progress of the boat! briefly, the hull is done aside from bog, sand paint, wingbar joints to go (they suck!), gantry is done but needs a bake, foil is not CNC-d yet and I still have to afford the materials for it.


Anonymous said...

hey, how about posting that rendering of the flasheart "Mark 2"
you have on your portfolio?

MARKLA said...

thanks for sharing all that info. blue meanie is going to look great.

how much space did you get? are you willing to host my files too? Some PDFs of construction drawings, Rhino model of hull and foils, few analysis spreadsheets.

a coulple of thoughts on your strut:
- Did you consider hollowing out the strut inside the centreboard case?
- Neater alternative to your AoA bolt. Sit the nut on compression side and apply a taping laminate to retain it.

Refer to this image: