Monday, January 18, 2010

new foil

I re-designed the foil with a bigger bulb, so that the socket could be 25mm deep. The bulb looks a bit fat, but in theory it should work. I wish I could use CFD to sort this out propperly, but bloody ANSYS are too on top of their licensing.

anyway that can get cut out tomorrow, if anyone has any comments about the shape please let me know before then!

deck goes on tonight hopefully. making pretty good ground, a good 1/3rd of the list is ticked off.


n4rkla said...

nice renderings!

having functioning fea/cfd software and knowing how to use it are two very different things.

n4rkla said...

how continuous/straight are your fibres transitioning from strut to head?

Nikolaus Liebscher said...

cool shape, which kind of material are you using for the mould?

nick flutter said...

hey Niki, the mould was just MDF, and ill use that again. didnt really have a problem with it, except that it doesnt machine that well. its really cheap.

the head is the same width as the widest part of the strut. thought continuous fibres would be a problem but in reality it wasnt at all - when i saw the mould in the flesh i knew it would be fine. theres a small kink there but i just added more carbon near the outside of the laminate and it smoothed it out for most of the strands. the inside layers have no kink or bend that you can see.
i have used ansys before, and quite a few other things like fastran and FEA stuf, (designed a wind turbine with a bunch of final year engineers) but yep, its pretty complicated. it would take me quite a bit of stuffing around to get it to work.