Tuesday, August 18, 2009


so heres what ive been doing lately.


designed it in rhino, built it from the cheapest bits I could find, and very suprisingly it seems to work! Got a kit with the electronics and everything from http://www.oceancontrols.com.au/ to power it. Its cutting area should (i say should because i havent actually tested this) be around 1210 X 2440 X 300mm. So a whole moth mould will still be in a couple of bits, but it will cut out a whole set of foil moulds from one bit of MDF. cant see why it wont cut solid fibreglass or solid carbon in the future either. We're thinking of using it to do some ply stuf for joinery and that kind of thing as well, and of course the last couple of models i have to do for my architecture degree.

anyway im theoretically set up to be a moth home-builder now. you seem to need one of these things if youre going to even have a chance at building a good boat these days, foils etc, so we'll see what happens. heres an image of my test file in wood. Below it is the toolpath.

As always the rhino file for the machine is available if anyone wants it to inform their own design. im not going to go so far as to recommend it just yet!


Alan said...

Nice work Nick, looks like it was running pretty smoothly (but then polystyrene foam is not hard to cut). I can't wait to see what you come up with for a boat.


MARKLA said...


Pearso said...

a table full of boobies?

nick flutter said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,

how about a mould for an elliptical mast? Maybe a two piece mould - front and back.

Karl said...

Nick can you send me that rhino file of your machine? I may stick one together at some point though it is pretty hard to beat the preconfigured options for the money. Impressive that you have yours up and running!