Saturday, May 23, 2009

for sale

ive decided its time to sell the moth to get some cash together for the new boat. 
also i probably wont get much time to sail it while building the new one, its about as fast as it will ever be anyway, and tinkering with an old boat distracts you from doing work on a new boat.

so if anyone is interested, it comes with:

  • home built foils that have had 30 or so sails and plenty of crashes, with no structural repairs, still in good condition except maybe the main flap hinge but i think ill fix that before selling the boat 
  • adjustable wand that still needs some tweaking, but fundamentally works well
  • lowriding centreboard and rudder that still fit (rudder needs gudgeons)
  • road trailer, built for the boat, ok condition, painted not galv.
  • ka sail, standard bladerider one, been used about 20 times total. still in good condition
  • burville mast (bladerider) with the top section repaired, but going fine and sail sets exactly as before, used 10 times, so like new.
  • alloy boom, near new ropes and blocks

generally the hull, wings and traps are starting to get a bit tired, the boat leaks a bit etc. and its by no means pretty. at this point i might as well admit that it could use a coat of paint.

that said its been my faithful steed over the last 3 years, ive learnt stacks sailing this boat and though not that compeditive at any point, its been a great introduction to moths for me. the hull is a bit heavy and thus bulletproof, and thats been a pretty important thing. the boat has finally progressed past the point of breaking something every time you go sailing, so everything is strong enough now by a long process of trial and error. With the current setup, although you cant go upwind at the same angles as well.. sabots.. you can still match the slower skiffs around the course, losing on the upwinds and gaining on the downwinds. also it takes off with my 75 kilos in like 8 knots, not 6 or 5 like good boats with light people. mainly due to the extra weight and the increased drag from the square foils.

so its a bit of a sad day, anyway ive put $4500 on it, thats gotta be about the cheapest foiling moth with flaps and wands and stuf. ever. for that price its a good toy or a relatively cheap first moth to learn foiling on and get on the water. you can work out pretty well from my old posts whats there and its condition, so otherwise make me an offer. remember im a starving, barely employed uni student.

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