Sunday, May 13, 2018


Apologies to sailingbits.comCSTexpress.comKA Sail - this old MSL13 sail looks shocking after one or two small tweaks! This is the last iteration of my rig - from March 2016. Shortened mast, raised clew, some amount trimmed off the head and added back below the boom to maintain the luff length. It was going pretty well upwind in 20kts but under-powered downwind in the light stuff. I think it's a really promising avenue for development, the boat felt friction-less in the air, though the deck around the mast needs cleaning up to improve the seal between the hull and sail. Possibly if a real sailmaker came on board, the results may improve, just saying. Also some larger sailcloth scraps would help!

Unfortunately the boat has been packed up for over a year now as I have been away in the US. Hopefully I can get back into this soon!


Pedro Neves said...

Back in action.nice!
best regards!

Unknown said...

Awesome work mate.
I was going to do the same with a 16.1 I have. I wanted to go more extream than the KA version has done. But with limited time it was just easier to buy one and run with it (for now).