Saturday, August 2, 2008


went out for a sail in gusty 15 kts with Rod from the gold coast. the boat went ok, though the flap response is still not adequate despite all the improvments. i need another change of wand to a bladerider style thing with a substantial flat bit on the end, that will pull it back propperly. also the straight wand is the way to go.
had a go on Rod's bladerider, and doesn't that make it obvious that my boat is underperforming! you just sheet on, point it, it pops up to the right height and accellerates endlessly, without spontaneously launching out of the water, tipping over sideways or sinking back down. i think i hit over 20 on his velocitek, though it may have been lying. the linkages on his boat were working overtime, while mine were kinda stopped, lethargic. it was interesting to see my boat being sailed well by someone else also, and i know a couple of things. it can go quick upwind when sailed propperly, though probably not in less than 15 kts. It looks really bulky when foiling compared to all the other boats. its like the fat kid.
resolve to put it on a diet. failing that a new hull/wings.
new bladerider sail is an improvment, needs slight luff adjustment.

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