Saturday, July 5, 2008

linkages relinked

just a quick note: the boat is nearly back in one bit again!
all linkages are now stainless, after much swearing at (breaking of) expensive taps/dyes. there is less slack and the ends are more robust, especially the new flap joint which is a beast. see below, pretty self explanatory. i think the bladeriders have a similar thing, with the benefit of having a nice thick bullet fairing to hide all the shit in. i reckon ill have to fair it a bit.
the main foil appears to be at a good angle to the static waterline, about +1.5 to +2 degrees; i think the flap was just jamming in the 'up' position after the linkage broke within 10 seconds of leaving the ramp, giving me that 'sucking' feeling. also theres a 10mm long crack at the t joint of the new centreboard, not sure if its superficial or not. im keeping an eye on it. be sailing soon, should be interesting.

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