Wednesday, March 26, 2008

gantry mould, cams, foil prep

Unrolled the sail today and noticed that its not only completely shagged, but i was missing 4 out of 5 cams. i think i gave them to emo in return for partly busting his sail. so anyway i've half finished a new set of 5 out of carbon, i dont think there will be any weight saved rather its just easier than finding where to buy them. when theyre done ill decide whether theyre good or not. i hope they dont snap in a race. just one more thing to go wrong.

also laid up the T piece to tie the bottom plate of the foil into the T joint, and also the tang to attach the gantry to the transom (in the same mould.) mould looked cool i took a photo. The T piece i will drill some holes in, to make sure it bonds well to the bottom plate, also i will put a couple of layers of carbon over the top of it.

Did the hinge as well, had an interesting incident with the leftovers of my hardener-heavy resin (to make it a bit more flexible than normal) started smoking and actually boiled and set in the tin at the same time. must have been hot today.

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Hepialidae said...

hey nick,

good to see you've joined the moth blogging craze... guess that it had to happen eventually.

frankly i'm amazed your folks let you back in the shed after the first set of foils :S Mine didn't! :P

As far as your sail cams are concerned I still have a few of them and if you want them back; I can send them to you as I have absolutely no use for them. The sail you tore at nats has seen far worse days (it has since been written off on insurance after I got catapulted through it the first time I launched my new boat down in tas - at the time I think I was doing roughly 16 or 17 knots, it certainly felt about that as my head and shoulder smashed through it!)... so don't worry about that at all. I should be getting my new MSL13 some time next week if all goes to plan.

As for the rudder adjustment, if I were you I'd be working out how to make a screw drive / twist tiller setup. You'd be surprised just how much flapped rudders need the flap adjusted while out sailing. Better still, I wouldn't bother with a flap on the rudder and go for a fore-aft raking rudder box and simply copy the stevo/bladerider setup; that'll also save you a bunch of messing around with the adjustable rudder gantry and you the messing around with flapping the rudder.

Are you considering doing nats this year down in melb (hopefully at royal geelong)? If so, let me know as I have some free accomodation potentially lined up about 2 blocks from rgyc and it'd be a waste not to share it for the nats with at least one other mothy.